Unit 1A Denford road, Corby, Northants,  NN17 2QW 

Corby Silver Band Club 

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Application to form the company "The Corby Silver band Club P.L.C " as we know it today, was submitted on the 02 of July 1965 with H.V. Tyler Solicitor and Notary of 8 Bishop Street, Leicester .

The application was submitted by the following Founders:

Andrew Gracey of 8 Lewin Road, Corby, Northants.

Charles John Cummings of 78 Weldon Road, Corby, Northants.

James Winifred Green of 57 Cherry road, Kettering , Northants.

Thomas Morris of 25 Mantlefield Road, Corby, Northants.

Robert John Dowdell of 118 Chesil Walk, Corby, Northants.

Donald James Burton of 6 Beeston Place, Corby, Northants

William James Sloan of 40 Thoroughsale Road, Corby, Northants

The persons named above were desirous of being formed into a company in pursuance of this Memorandum of Association.

The club was then officially opened for business on the 14 of July 1965.  It first started as a small wooden hut in Denford Road, Corby, Northants. Due to the loyalty of the members and the commitment of the committees  over the years the club has grown from strength to strength, growing to the size and splendour that you can see to this present day.

The club will celebrate its fiftieth birthday on the 14 of July 2015.

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